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About Angela Swanson, Artist

I don't create art. Art creates me.

Being an artist is not only my profession but also a vital part of my existence. Mixed media abstract art allows my spirit to authentically explore and cultivate emotions. My practice is experimental—I have explored countless media including painting, collaging, watercolors, and encaustics.

I believe art has no boundaries and that the blank canvas asks questions to be answered truthfully. Peeking into the remote corners of my mind, my hands splatter colors and create compositions. I immerse myself in an amazing and unfiltered artistic sphere—in this state of solitude, I am surrounded by an abundance of ideas.

I have a natural tendency to envision objects beyond the superficial level and absorb invisible vibes which then illuminate my artwork. The alchemy of art transforms all stimuli into a universal elixir imbued with spiritual and aesthetic elements.

My artwork embraces a holistic view of life. I create visual imagery from the many layers of society to artistically spread the vibes of societal awareness. In my pieces, a combination of colors, strokes, and textures come to life and tell stories of love, fear, surprise, joy, and sadness, all of which I hope viewers find a connection with.

Today’s world might be increasingly automatic, but the deep reflections and thoughtful impressions of handmade artwork are immortal. Treading on the path of life, I envision making a mark with my impressions of spirituality, appreciation of life, and personal strength.

Artist Bio

Angela Swanson is a USA-based mixed-media artist. Born with artistic impulses, her journey to formally explore artistic expression began in 2017. Since then, as a self-taught artist, she has experimented with almost all forms of painting and other media. She is currently developing a series of mannequin art through which she crafts a complex 3D visual language.

Her artwork is regularly exhibited on the Mosaic Art Alliance and Society of Washington Artists’ websites. Her work has also been exhibited at the Phoenix Gallery and Latte Da Coffee and Wine Bar, both based in Vancouver, WA. She was an artist in rotation at Ford Gallery of Art in Portland, Oregon, and is currently an artist in rotation at the Phoenix Rising Art Gallery in Vancouver, WA. She is also a member of the Washington State Artist Trust.

In her spare time, she works as a webmaster of two online galleries, using her creativity to design and create online art shows.

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