About Elaine Pawski, Artist

Artist Statement

For as long as I remember, I've had the need to create. My work is a reflection of how I see the world and the things that call me to paint.   I work mostly in digital painting, watercolor, colored pencil, and photography. I often mix media to achieve the effect I am after.  Media, the tools used to create art, are unimportant, they are just a means to an end and I will use whatever medium I need to get the effect I’m after. My digital art is rendered in much the same way I would work with paint or pencils and usually has the same look and feel. I like to go out and find subject matter with my camera, sometimes the photo is the end result, and sometimes it is the inspiration for a painting. Sometimes, I combine photos and digital drawing. I’m very much committed to freehand drawing and combining it with flowing paint,  drips, and splatters of color that reflect the human touch. 


About the Artists


I've studied and practiced drawing and painting in many medias. I studied Art at The New Jersey City University, where I graduated with a BA in Art and Certification to Teach K-12. I’ve studied at the Ridgewood Art Institute in NJ, and the Sharon Arts Center in NH. At The Pioneer School of Design in NH, I studied Desktop Publishing and Digital Design. There, I was introduced to the Macintosh Computer and life and art have never been the same! 

I am an instructor at  Oregon Society of Artists,  where I teach “A Painterly Approach to Procreate”. The acceptance of digital media in the art world has been a passion of mine and I enjoy giving workshops and speaking about digital art.  I'm a freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer, specializing in Real Estate and Architectural Photography, doing business as Sunflower Creative Media LLC.