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Meet Keith E. Russell, Artist

keith russell classic car artists.jpeg

From an early age, I have had a strong desire to create beautiful artwork, as well as to record and embellish the beauty of the world around us.


Before my fifth birthday, I asked my mother for an oil painting set and a canvas board, because that was all I really wanted for my birthday. She said, “you are way too young for oil paint, just use your color crayons.” My older brothers made model cars and had model car paint, so I thought I would just borrow a little of their paint. I had an old paint-by-number board which I turned over and by using my toy horses as models, I sketched a composition of two horses fighting, and then painted them. I was very careful not to spill, but I put newspaper down just in case. When my mom saw what I had created, she protected me from my older brothers when they got home from school for using their model car paint.  Then she got me an oil painting set for my fifth birthday!

I have had a deep passion for creating and recording beautiful classic cars for the last forty years. I also love to paint beautiful landscapes, seascapes and sunsets, and beloved pets too. But classic cars are our history and like a well-known western artist, it is my joy and my desire to show our beautiful history on canvas. I get much joy out of creating a painting of someone's special collector’s car that they can display in their home and treasure for years. My hope is that maybe they can pass it down to other generations as well. It is very difficult for me to express the feeling I have when someone views their painting for the first time and they say, "I love it, thank you!"


I retired from my day job on the first of March 2022, and at 67, I pray that the Lord will give me quite a few more years to create the best art that I can and hope each painting looks better than the last one!    


Keith E. Russell

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