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Mixed Media Abstract Art

What is Mixed Media Abstract Art?

If you’re looking for a truly creative art piece, mixed media abstract art is an excellent choice. This form of artwork combines different types of mediums such as paint, clay, photographs, and more to create something with a unique texture and visual appeal. Read on to learn more about what mixed media abstract art is and how it can add a unique component to your home.

Collage Assemblage

A collage assemblage is made by gluing different paper clippings and photographs onto canvas to create a varied look. Other materials like stones, beads, and even scraps of clothing can be added, giving this creative art piece a ton of depth and dimension. Different methods are used to create this type of art including gluing, painting, nailing, and even welding certain objects to the piece. This mixed media abstract art serves as both a painting and a sculpture in one.

Mixed Media Painting

There are a few different ways that an artist may design a mixed media painting. By experimenting with canvas, different paints, and a variety of techniques, the artist can create a truly unique and creative art piece. A mixture of paints such as oil and acrylic, spray paint, and watercolors can all be used together in one painting. Other materials like coffee can add another component and depth of color. The artist may utilize several techniques including dry brushing, stenciling, and traditional painting with a brush.


Sculpting allows an artist more freedom to create something abstract and dramatic. A mixed media sculpture can have a clay base, but it will also include a myriad of other mediums like glass, wood, cloth, and items found in nature. The process involves connecting these items together, but the artist may also crochet, embroider, or carve other components, too. A mixed media sculpture can include everything from integrated LED lights to ornaments.

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