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gallery wall DIY
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"Put up a visual display of some priceless memories, enthralling prints and customized artwork to inspire, uplift and rejuvenate the decor as well as your mood."

Tired of those boring and bland walls? Want to spruce up your room decor without investing in some super expensive fancy furnishing?

How to Design a Gallery Wall

Does gallery wall DIY sound like a tedious task? Don't fret. Here is a step-by-step instruction to put up a wall decor project that will look anything, but DIY.

Step 1: Set Up a Plan

Creating a gallery wall might seem to be an all-practical task. But the most important yet commonly overlooked step is to "SPECULATE".

Ah! A difficult word isn't it? Let's make it simple. Just make yourself answer these two simple questions, right at the beginning.


With so many blank walls around, choosing the perfect spot for your masterpiece diy gallery wall is very important. Relax! Sit back and "Observe" The lighting, furnishing, architecture, and room size all point towards that one perfect place that will stand out and shine. After all, you want this creative handiwork to be spotted and admired all the time.

● What?

So, you have your canvas (wall), it's time to decide the colors, strokes, and combinations. No need to push your creativity into a box. Anything really goes with gallery walls, the key here is to find the balance. You can go with a black and white theme or a spatter of rainbow colors or even a mix and match of both. But make sure to have something in mind before you start putting up those random pieces. Here is a bonus! Here is a ton of free gallery wall art you can print and frame. Mix and match or just use their pre-curated suggestions.

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Step 2: Gather Artwork

The best thing about these astounding gallery walls is the "diversity of colors, textures, sizes, and shapes". You have the freedom to play with as many different types of wall art as you want to showcase.

You can use;

  • Printed versions of artwork pictures

  • Photo frames

  • small plants like succulents, air plants, or lucky bamboo

  • Shelves to set artwork on

  • Children's artwork wallplates

  • Mirrors - one or a few of mismatched sizes

  • Original artwork Generally, original prints and artwork are more sustainable and give a fresh, unique, and thematic look to the space.

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Gather these decor items that will embellish and give an astounding feel to that mere stack of bricks......yes you guessed it right the blank walls. The only rule here is that there's no rule.

Collect that thematic stuff or an array of ornate variations to mix things up! The goal here is to create a visual display that perks up the surroundings and amps up your mood.

Need help to choose the best artwork? Go straight to this article.

Step 3: Chalk It Out

Ok! So now you have a plan as well as your display item. Here comes the step that needs a spark of some practical skills. Create the Perfect Gallery Wall Layout. Before you nail your walls or apply any other adhesive material to your untainted walls it's best to take a test drive.

  • Print out the pictures you want to use in different shapes and sizes

  • Assign a number to each piece and write on the printed piece.

  • Design a rough layout on a piece of paper using the designated numbers of each piece.

  • Tape up printer pieces on the wall and arrange them in the order that you want. Use painter's tape to mask out larger pieces

DIY gallery wall
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Step back and have a look! Adjust the layout to create the perfect look as per your liking.

A pro tip: The largest and the fanciest piece takes the central position. It should be installed at eye level. Last but not the least, try to keep a balance....the distance between art pieces and their arrangement should be schematic.

Step 4: Start anging

Finally, all the preparations have been made. It's time to roll up your sleeves and start working on the real deal; hanging the artwork for your gallery wall. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Adhesive hook-and-loop strips

  • A Hammer

  • Nails or picture hangers

  • Measuring tape

So, your supplies are ready, let’s get started. Remove the templates one by one as you install the wall art pieces. The central piece acts as a frame of reference for all the variations around. So, it should be installed first. Now move towards the periphery installing all the pieces steadily.

musician gallery wall
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Keep your attention focussed and delve into a fun mood. You are crafting the personalized visual imagery on the wall canvas.

Isn't it great that you can alter the theme or design of your DIY gallery wall anytime by adding or subtracting a few pieces and swapping the prints in the frames?

Step 5: Pat Yourself on the Back

Congratulations it's time to feast your eyes with your very own fabulous gallery wall. Your personalized gallery wall ideas have taken the form of spectacular imagery. Each piece has its own story but how awesome it is to glance at those diverse elements together. Just like a garden full of thorns, blossoms, trees, and animals all embodied in a single visual.

wall of art
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Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall You Will Fall in Love With!

Here we have some super savvy tips that will help you set up an awesome gallery wall that's almost flawless.

  • Correlate your frame sizes to the size of your wall

  • If you have a sofa or a table beneath the wall, keep that in mind before designing the layout.

  • Look for inspiration on various websites like Pinterest to come with a theme for your gallery wall

  • Go asymmetrical. While choosing artwork for your gallery wall, do not go for all vertical or all even frames

  • Leave larger space between big frames and smaller between small frames

  • Replace nails with adhesive hooks in case of lightweight objects. This will ease out the process of drilling holes in the wall.

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