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How to Choose the Best Artwork for Your Home.

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love, brought together under one roof.” — Nate Berkus

Your home is an extension of yourself. Each corner radiates your personality with the way it is adorned and styled. The artwork in your home is the key player in ornamenting it. These elements not only beautify your home but also possess the power of influencing your mood by the kind of vibes they emanate. The proper selection and placement of artwork can work wonders by instantly elevating the ambiance.

However, with so many choices and ideas floating around. Choosing the best artwork for your home might seem a daunting task.

Relax! Keep all the uncertainties at bay and take it as an enjoyable task. Let me hold your hand and walk you through some simple yet effective strategies to "choose the best artwork for your home".

Placement of the Artwork

Every room deserves to be decorated uniquely. Before you formally start your quest for the best artwork, it's most important to determine the area it will be placed. This simple step will save you from loads of confusion. Every room of your home has a separate functionality. The artwork also needs to be selected appropriately. Some simple points to remember are;

  • The living room is a place of activity. You can go for something vibrant, eye-catching, and thoughtful. These will be radiating high energy. Meeting up to the pace of the environment.

  • A bedroom is a place of harmony and solicitation. Here no one wants emotional trafficking that can interfere with peace and calm. Choose well blended and subtle artworks with colors that have a soothing effect.

  • The kitchen is idyllically warm. A place for preparing, savoring food, and enjoying foody moments. The artwork here should be more bright, bold, and descriptive. Adding up to the cheerfulness and blithe.

Set A Theme

Remember! The artwork is there to compliment the setting. So, it needs to be in harmony with all other elements around.

Observe the setting and tone of the room in which the piece of art needs to be placed. Determine the kind of vibe it has. Is your room too casual? Or does it have a much more formal look?

Consider the color scheme of the room before selecting a piece of art. Determine the mood of your space and go for color palettes and textures accordingly. Choose an art piece that has the power to seamlessly merge into the surroundings creating a complete look. The perfect artwork adds a spark to an otherwise monotonous environment, without being too shiny and or super prominent.

Determine The Type of Artwork Required

Now that you have studied the environment in which the artwork will be placed. It's time to determine the type of artwork required. The world of art is as diverse as your thoughts. Do your research and find out the best-suited type of appealing artwork that complements your current decor.

Attend More Art Events

Art programs exhibit astounding artwork by highly talented hands. They are the best place to find mature and emerging artists showcasing their expertise.

If you are in search of the perfect artwork that captivates your heart, we recommend you show up at the next art exhibition in town. Virtual exhibitions and tours are also a very good option. Allow your eyes to feast on a variety of artwork by attending more and more art events till you get hold of the perfect artwork for your home.

Graffiti Dancers by Angela Swanson

Pick What Clicks

Choosing the best piece of art becomes a whole lot easier if you believe in love at first sight!

Anything and everything inside your home should be there because you enjoy and love it. That particular artwork that captures your attention in a blink is meant to be part of your decor. Look for the artful strokes that speak to you and are sure to inspire you every day. So, it's time to follow your heart and bring in the artwork that truly inspires you.

Seek What's Unique

You might impulsively leap for factory reproduced artwork. They might seem to be the most economical option for you. But the real beauty lies in the unique artworks that are crafted with passion and deep reflections. Original pieces are rare to find and ensure that your house gets a unique blend of colors and textures.

The best part is; not all original pieces will require a second mortgage. There are many unique creatives available that go easy on your pockets. The print versions of unique artwork might be a very good option if your budget is tight. These are as beautiful as the handmade versions. But make sure to buy these from original sources in order to maintain the image quality.

Hence, it is strongly recommended to look for something valuable and one-of-a-kind that you can proudly embellish and display in your sweet home.

Your home deserves to glisten with artistic expressions that inspire and reflect the personality of its residents. Whether you follow the room's theme, the colors in a space, the atmosphere of the premises, your home needs to be decorated with everything that brings happiness to your heart and a smile on your face.

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