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New Series Spotlight: Femme Unique Mannequin Wall Art

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

My ongoing series, Femme Unique, thus far includes five mannequins of the female body. Measuring 15 inches wide and 22.5 inches high, each piece can stand by itself on a flat surface or be hung directly on the wall, bringing energy to any room.

After working extensively with paint and other mixed media, I’ve ventured into sculpture for this series after discovering how great mannequins are as a canvas. Every work celebrates the inner power and diverse beauty of women—by using a mannequin form, I aim to celebrate the beauty of every woman, not just one individual.

Prototype, the first work in the series, uses bold color blocks made of acrylic paint to create a vibrant composition. Taking hints from many art traditions such as cubism, pop art, and folk art, the resulting piece is full of juxtaposition and pattern. The final composition is a product of happy experimentation with this new canvas and a celebration of the many aspects of a woman.

Shades of Grey is the second work in the series in which I use paint, napkins, and tissue paper directly on a mannequin form. A bold black line dances around and accentuates some of the nuanced beauty of the body. Additionally, symbolic elements of sheet music, butterflies, and flowers flood the surface of the body, creating a whimsical mood alongside organic beauty.

Perfectly Imperfect is inspired by Wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy to coax beauty out of unexpected places, from a broken vessel to upended plans and unexpected setbacks. The art of Kintsugi practices this philosophy by taking something broken and repairing the cracks with gold. "Perfectly Imperfect" is a reminder that there is powerful beauty in broken things because scars tell a story of fortitude, wisdom, and resilience earned through the passage of time. Rather than hiding our imperfections, we should accept our "flaws" and celebrate them.

Gypsy Queen is the third artwork in the series. This one feels a bit more passionate, a bit more aggressive—the paint asserts the vibrancy of the female body through its dramatic, thick application. As the name suggests, the mannequin loudly claims its place in the room—within the series, it's the mannequin that is the most unabashedly sure of herself. I love this message, and it's not a figment of the imagination, either—it's a beautiful tribute to all strong women in our world and the fierceness they bring to any table.

Dragon Lady is decorated in a sleek red and black. Completely spray painted, the mannequin's surface has a subtle scaly texture to it, and a face is painted on the belly of the figure. Everything about this mannequin says, "there's more to me than meets your eye." First, the title brings to mind a stereotype of women—often used a bit negatively—but this isn’t negative. Instead, I hope to bring to mind the power and elegance all women innately have.

While I made the works as a celebration, I don’t want the celebration to end with the completion of the artwork. Each unique mannequin brings its own energy—and that energy will therefore be in any room the mannequin lives in. Hopefully, if you're looking at one of the mannequins, you're also sensing their authentic female energy. And, maybe best of all, if there's not a woman in the room, there will still be powerful female energy and beauty if one of the mannequins is present, in addition to a dynamic conversation starter.

All pieces are one-of-kind sculptures and are on sale for $600. Browse the "shop" page to view the Prototype, Dragon Lady, Perfectly Imperfect, Gyspy Queen, and Shades of Grey mannequin wall art. I am excited to continue this ongoing series.

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