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The Big List of Artist Residencies

Updated: Jul 2

What exactly are residencies, and what can they offer you as an artist? Typically, an artist residency is an immersive program where artists live and create work on-site. They provide time and space for you to focus on your art practice without the distractions of daily life. Many offer a vibrant artist community to participate in and receive feedback from. Additionally, some have an ongoing alumni system for ongoing support. Lastly, residencies look great on an artist's CV.

There are tons and tons of amazing residencies available to emerging, mid-career, and established artists, and it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one for you. There are many factors to consider, such as funding, accommodation, studio provisions, meals, community, and more. This list is just a starting point, so be sure to follow any links to view more in-depth information on these residencies.

Residencies Located in the USA

Smack Mellon Studio Program Open Call

This program offers six artists access to a studio space 24/7 for 11 months. It’s located in Brooklyn, NYC, and artists need to be residents of NYC. This residency does not include accommodation but has a variety of studio equipment spaces and equipment available. It has been hosting artists since 2000 and accepts all media.

The Ark Project

Since 2015, the Ark Project has held a residency in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA, for 1-2 weeks, on a biennial basis. Artists worldwide can apply. The program's mission is to explore the intersection of nature, art, and consciousness through visual art in order to create structures that allow for an evolution of connection with the natural world. Artists must have a BFA, MFA, or the equivalent in independent studio practice. In 2022, the residency was held in August.


Artists have the opportunity to work in the beautiful setting of Haleakalā National Park in Hawaii as part of this residency, which takes place every summer. Artists from around the world working in any medium are encouraged to apply.

The Anderson Center at Tower View Residency

The Anderson Center has been hosting residents for 2-4 weeks from May-October each year since 1995 in Red Ling, Minnesota. Emerging, mid-career, and established artists, writers, choreographers, and musicians, are more are welcome. Each resident is provided room, board, and workspace for the length of the residency. Artists must supply their materials.

The Retreat @ 1303 Residency

This is a two-week residency opportunity in the small and remote town of Silverton, Colorado. Artists receive housing, access to curated events, and studio space; however, the residency is not focused on production but encourages research and reflection. All artists working in any discipline from around the world are welcome to apply.

Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency 2022

Founded in 2007, JTHAR is a nonprofit artist residency that fosters creativity through opportunities for exploring, experimenting, and quiet reflection. Each year, they invite 4-6 artists from around the world working in any medium to work in the beautiful setting of Joshua Tree National Park for seven-week periods.

2023 Changing Climate Residency

This residency in Sante Fe, New Mexico, addresses the critical issue of climate change. It is open to anyone around the world of any artistic media—residencies can be anywhere from one to three months. Proposals are encouraged by artists, activists, and other creatives whose work aligns with this theme.

Deaf Artists Residency Program at Anderson Center

DAR selects five Deaf artists to create for a month-long residency in Red Wing, Minnesota. It is open to Deaf artists around the world working in any artistic discipline.

Sculpture Space – Sculpture Residency

Sculpture Space is for sculptors and offers a large studio with specialized equipment for selected artists. It is free to apply, and the residency runs for two months. It is located in Utica, New York, and is open to artists worldwide.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Residencies

This long-running residency has hosted over 1,000 artists to date. It is located in the historic Old Market in Omaha, Nebraska, where artists will be given space, time, and resources to expand their art practice. There is also a robust alumni network for continued support. It is open to artists around the world working in various media. See their page for more details on the different types of residences offered.

The Good Hart Artist Residency

The Good Hart Artist Residency, located in Good Hart, Michigan, offers 2-3 week residencies to dedicated visual artists, writers, and composers. The residency has full room and board and a studio. Artists will be living in a rural area in Michigan within walking distance of the village of Good Heart. Only one artist at a time can be hosted.

Chulitna Lodge Residency

Chulitna Lodge Artist-In-Residence Program welcomes experienced artists, emerging artists, and hobbyists to apply. There is availability from mid-May through September; the program takes place in Lake Clark, Alaska. All mediums are welcome.

Skowhegan Artist Residency

Skowhegan is a famous residency in Maine, USA that welcomes artists from around the world working in any medium. It's a nine-week intense residential program on a 250-acre rural campus every summer. Tuition is $6,000; financial aid is available.

MacDowell Colony Residency

MacDowell Colony Residency takes place in Peterborough, New Hampshire, and is open to international artists working in a variety of media. The average stay is 14 days, but artists can potentially stay up to eight weeks. Both emerging and established artists can apply.

Anderson Ranch Artist in Residence

Located in Snowmass, Colorado, Anderson Ranch offers a crafted program for both emerging and established artists. The residency sessions last for ten weeks (October–December or March–April) and are offered in a variety of disciples, including ceramics, new media, photography, painting, drawing, and more.

2022–2023 McKinney International Art and Design Residency

One artist will be awarded studio space, lodging, and a fellowship of $7,000 as part of this six-week residency hosted by Indiana University Bloomington. This opportunity is for established artists or designers whose primary residence is outside the USA.

Roman J. Witt Residency Program at University of Michigan

This residency is in collaboration with the University of Michigan and takes place over 12 weeks, with an exhibition at the end. Witt Residents receive an honorarium of $20,000 for up to twelve weeks in residence served over an academic year. In addition to the honorarium, residents will be provided with housing, studio space, and up to $5,000 in funding support for materials.

CREEKSIDE ARTS Artist-in-Residency Program

CREEKSIDE ARTS invites artists to create in the beautiful setting of the Redwoods in Northern California. It is a two-week residency open to international artists of any medium.

Artists in Residence, The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center

Artists working in stone, metal, ceramics, wood, glass, and more are invited to apply for Sculpture Artist Residencies at the Carving Studio & Sculpture Center. The length ranges from one to three months in West Rutland, Vermont.

Jerome Emerging Artist Residency Program at Anderson Center

This program, hosted by Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, is set in Red Wing, Minnesota, and is catered towards early-career artists working in any discipline who live in Minnesota or any NYC boroughs. Selected artists will be at the residency for either two weeks or one month.


This annual residency invites artists to stay in the rural setting of Alpena, Michigan, for two weeks in July or August. Artists will have accommodation and a studio and are asked to create one piece of work that represents their relationship with nature. It is only open to US artists, and many different visual arts are accepted.

Solitary Retreat in the Nevada Desert

This is a unique opportunity set in the desert landscape of Montello, Nevada. The Montello Foundation supports artists who "foster our understanding of nature, its fragility, and our need to protect it." The program offers artists a very secluded setting to make work. It has no cost, but artists need to cover travel and living expenses. It is open to artists worldwide and all visual art media are accepted.

Denbo Fellowships at Pyramid Center

Artists interested in printmaking, paper arts, and book arts are encouraged to apply to this program in Hyattsville, Maryland. There is a stipend for travel, material, and housing, and programs range from two to four weeks.

2022 Shenandoah National Park Artist-in-Residence Program

This program invites artists to stay in the beautiful Shenandoah National Park for three-week residences. The work created during the program should deepen the understanding and appreciation of the park. Artists stay in a cabin in Luray, Virginia. Artists working in any medium are welcome to apply.

Ox-Bow Summer Residency

This residency is open to artists and writers who are current MFA students, faculty at any level, teaching artists, and professional artists. It takes place in Saugatuck, Michigan, for three weeks in the summer. They offer a range of residences with varying levels of funding so be sure to check out their site.

Arrowmont Artists-in-Residence Program

Early career artists are invited to apply for this program, which takes place every year for eleven months. It is for artists who embrace community and who are early in their careers. A monthly stipend, private studio, accommodations, and meals are provided in exchange for 10 hours of assistance in the form of work such as installation help. It takes place near Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program

RAIR is a well-established residency program that invites artists to grow their practice for a whole year in Roswell, New Mexico. Artists must be 21 years or older and working in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, installation, and other fine art media. Make sure to read the fine print for additional details.

Wassaic Project Residency

Wassaic Project has residencies in both the summer and winter in Wassaic, NY, for month-long periods. The residency has a fee of $600 and includes semi-private studio space and a private room in a shared house. There is an associated program that has studio visits and artist talks.

Stochastic Labs Summer Residency

Stochastic Labs hosts residencies that take place in its Berkeley, California mansion, and welcomes engineers, artists, scientists, and more from around the world. It provides residents with a $1,000 stipend as well as a budget for needed materials. The residents also participate in dinners and weekly events; this opportunity is quite competitive. Both individuals and teams are welcome. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Willowtail Residency

Willowtail Residency takes place for 1-3 weeks in Mancos, Colorado. It has rolling deadlines and residency dates, so there’s some flexibility built into it. Following the residency, participants must deliver a “community offering” within one year—this could be a lecture, an exhibition, or something else. There are fully funded and partially funded ($3,000 and $1,500 respectively). Emerging and mid-career visual artists in a variety of disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Jamestown Arts Artist in Residence Program

This is a unique opportunity in which an artist serves as an art teacher in Jamestown elementary schools in North Dakota. Any free time can be used for personal studio time. Residents have access to a pottery studio and print shop. Additionally, they get paid on an hourly basis for their teaching and receive free living quarters. It is a great opportunity for visual artists passionate or interested in teaching. Fall and spring (or both) semesters are available.

Corning Museum of Glass Residencies

Every year, the museum welcomes residents to research and create artwork for month-long stints in Corning, New York. One or two artists can stay at a time. Residents have access to a research library, a studio, and the archives of the museum. Glass artists from around the world are invited to apply.

Oak Spring Garden Foundation Residency

This program hosts artists, researchers, scientists, and more for five-week ($2,000 grant included) or two-week ($800 grant included) residencies in Upperville, Virginia. Individuals are encouraged to examine the natural world with a creative perspective. Shared accommodation is provided. There are many different dates throughout the year and various programs, so be sure to research all of their offerings.

18th Street Arts Center

Since its foundation in 1992, 18th Street Arts Center has supported artists from around the world. Artists can stay for 1–3 months (sometimes longer) in Santa Monica, California. Funding is done on a case-by-case basis; artists, curators, writers, and more from around the world are welcome to apply. There are four live/work studios available.

Quinn Emanuel Artist-in-Residence

This program is open to emerging and mid-career artists who are based in the LA region. Residents get a studio in the Quinn Emanuel LA office and participate in an exhibition at the end. It spans for four months, and there are two sessions per year. All mediums are welcome.

Sonoma Ceramic's Residence Program

Every year, this program hosts two all-inclusive residencies for potters and ceramicists in Sonoma, California. It is open to American artists working in those mediums; both emerging and established artists are welcome to apply. Studio and living spaces are provided and the artist has a solo exhibition at the end of the term.

The Verdancy Project Residency

This residency is open to many artistic disciplines, including visual art, dance, literary arts, and more. It welcomes all artists who are interested in natural science and who experience a deep connection to nature (it is set in a rural area on a 4.5 private property in Troutdale, Oregon). It is open to international artists and has a $15 application fee. Residencies are 1–2 weeks and take place throughout the year.

Chalk Hill Artist Residency

Chalk Hill Artist Residency takes place at the Warnecke Ranch and Vineyard in Sonoma County, California. The artist will enjoy the woods, trails, vineyards, and more as they work; the ideal candidate is someone who is comfortable working by themselves in a rural setting. Many disciplines are welcome, including visual arts, design, songwriting, etc. Residencies can range from 2–6 weeks.

Golden Foundation Artist Residency

This residency is geared towards non-commercial professional painters. It takes place in New Berlin, New York, in a converted 19th-century barn. Each artist has a large studio space and private living quarters. Residencies are roughly one month long and take place throughout the year. It is open to painters from around the world. The residency is nearly free of cost, with artists just responsible for food, travel, and supplies.

Franconia Artist Family Residencies

This is a unique residency that supports artist parents and youth that takes place in East Central Minnesota. Essentially, an artist parent can accompany their child while they attend a summer camp during the day. This is a self-directed program for the artist's parent. There are several dates depending on the age of the child; all are 1–2 weeks. It is open to artists around the world working in any medium.

Vashon Artist Residency

Vashon Artist Residency offers artists a peaceful place to stay and create on Vashon Island, Washington State. They have both 2-week and 3.5-week programs and up to four artists can stay at a time. It is free to apply to but residency fees apply if accepted. It is a self-directed residency with few requirements; emerging, mid-career, and established artists are welcome to apply.

Loghaven Artist Residency Program

Artists, dancers, writers, and more are invited to the woodlands near Knoxville, Tennessee, as part of this residency. Artists must be at least 21 years old and live further than 120 miles away from Knoxville. There are a series of residencies ranging from 2–4 weeks throughout the year. Artists stay in historic cabins that have been modernized and receive a stipend to support the creation of new work.

Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild Residencies

This residency takes place in the Catskill Mountains and has hosted artists such as Bob Dylan and Eva Hesse throughout its long history. There is a range of programs available, ranging from 3.5 weeks to 6 months. Generally, 18–21 residents working in different mediums stay at once. There are several fellowships available for financial assistance. Be sure to read about the different residencies they offer.

Millay Arts Residency

Millay Arts has a wide range of residencies that take place in the Hudson Valley, New York. The core residencies run for one month or two weeks from April to November and are fully subsidized. They also welcome collectives (3–7 people) to come for a short stay in December. There are additional residencies that are unsubsidized.

International Residencies

Woodland Farm Artist Residency

Woodland Farm Artist Residency is located on Salt Spring Island, on the west coast of Canada. Residencies roll from May-November for one-month stays. They invite performance artists from around the world to apply.

Call for Artists 2023

For the past 20 years, the nonprofit residency program AIR Vallauris has hosted international artists in Vallauris, France. This opportunity focuses on cultural exchange between participants of different countries, nationalities, and backgrounds through sharing knowledge, techniques, and experiences.

The residency typically runs for 1-2 months and is open to artists internationally, including ceramists, sculptors, painters, photographers, musicians, and more.

Belgrade Art Studio Residency

This residency, hosted by a nonprofit Belgrade Art Studio, invites artists to live in Belgrade, Serbia, for six months. Selected artists receive a specially designed studio in the historical city. The program ranges from six weeks to three months, and artists of any media. Curators, researchers, and scholars are invited to apply.

Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads

This residency proposes collective research into relationships between the body and environment by investigating the impact of chemicals and toxins on human and non-human bodies. It takes place in Norway for one month in winter; artists worldwide working in any medium are encouraged to apply.

laRex l'Atelier Residency

The flexible residency at laRex l'Atelier: International Artists Residency Exchange is for artists seeking a program for numerous artistic and personal reasons. One can stay, take private lessons, a workshop, or have a pause in travels and create. All mediums are welcome; however, ceramic artists are especially welcome as the studios support this medium the best. The program is flexible but prefers stays closer to three months. Groups are encouraged. It takes place in Saint-Raphaël, France.

La Barre Artist Residency

La Barre is set in the French countryside in picturesque Chalais. It's a newer residency that was established in 2021. It's open to many media, including visual arts, writing, architecture, film, music, and more. In 2022, artists stayed for stays ranging from two weeks to two months. Only two artists are present at the same time.

The Athena Standards Residency

The Athena Standards Residency takes place in Athens, Greece. The residency is available for one or two months, but they encourage staying for two months to promote a deeper understanding of Athens. There are several different residency periods throughout the year. Both emerging and established artists from around the world, working in any medium, are encouraged to apply. They can have 12 artists per residency session.

The Attic Residency Program

The Attic Residency Program offers artists a place to create that is "dedicated to aesthetics, ecofeminism, compassion, growth, and peer support." Artists at any stage of their career worldwide are encouraged to apply. The residency takes place in Finland and ranges from 2–8 weeks. The 2023 application is focused on artists doing site-responsive work at the residency.

White nights in Finland

Kristianstad Artists' Residency offers artists from around the world to stay in Kristinestan, a town on the Finnish west coast. Various disciplines are welcome, but each year might have a specific focus; for example, in 2022, there was a focus on photography, weaving, and ceramics. Artists stay for one month.

The Mudhouse Residency

The Mudhouse Residency is located in the small mountain town of Agios loannis on the island of Crete, Greece, and encourages total cultural immersion. There are several residency sessions, each for two weeks, and it is open to artists of many disciplines worldwide. Accommodation, food, and workspace are provided.

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity has a range of residencies. For example, their Spring Artist in Residence program invites visual artists aged 18 and over to create work for one month. Artists will be immersed in a creative setting, take part in dialogue with other artists, and participate in studio visits. Be sure to see other residencies offered on their website.

Residency and retreat in Italy: La Macina di San Cresci

La Macina operates year-round and accepts residency applications on a rolling basis. Set in Chianti, Italy, artists are provided with a studio, housing, food, and more, while being surrounded by Tuscan landscapes. Residencies are for a minimum of one week and are open to many different artistic disciplines. The residency also collaborates with art exhibition spaces in Florence, so artists will have an opportunity to show their work.

2023 Artist in Residency Arraiolos, Portugal

This residency, located in Arraiolos, Portugal, provides artists with housing, studios, and technical support. The length of the residency can vary from three weeks to several months. It is open to artists from anywhere in the world and accepts many different mediums, including visual arts, performance art, cinema, writing, and textile.

Residency at Hangar for Visual Arts

This is a residency in Lisbon, Portugal, that encourages experimentation. Artists can stay from one to three months. It is open to artists worldwide and focuses on visual arts, especially filmmakers, photography, and performance artists. Artists stay in the vibrant neighborhood of Graça, Lisbon.

One Month Residency for Printmakers

Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre welcomes printmakers to apply for a one-month residence in October 2022. It is set in Finland and runs for one month; it is open to artists worldwide.

Pigprints Drawing+Etching Residency Prize

This two-week residency invites artists and art students to apply for an opportunity to spend two weeks in Milan, Italy, and create a limited-edition etching. It is open to artists working in drawing or etching around the world.

LUMINOUS BODIES: The Human Body in Artistic Practice

This residency invites artists to spend two weeks making artwork that "shed new light on the human body" with the goal of representing the body in diverse ways. Artists can work together or independently and use their media of choice, including installation, sound art, photography, painting, and more. It is located in Toronto, Canada, and is open to people around the world.

Sumac Project Artist-in-Residence

Artists, writers, and musicians are invited to this self-directed residency which can range from one week to one month. It is located close to Toronto in the countryside and is open to artists around the world. There is no application fee.

De-ateliers Residency

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this residency invites artists who are in the beginning stages of their careers. It is a two-year studio program perfect for deepening one's practice in a focused environment. All mediums are welcome. See their webpage for a breakdown of the fees and details of the programming.

KIRA International Artist Residency Open Call

Each year, six artists are awarded a one-month residency in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. Residents receive an individual studio, housing, two meals a day, and a stipend; as part of the program, participants are asked to engage with the local community for up to six hours a week. It takes place in the fall and applications are due in November of the previous year. It is open to international artists working in any media.

Spitsbergen Artist Residency

This residency takes place in Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic. It can range from two weeks to two months, ending in January. It is especially great for those interested in astrophotography or Northern Light photography as the sun does not rise during the residency time. It is free to apply for artists around the world, but residency fees apply. Applications are accepted year-round.

Arteles Creative Center

For one or two months in January/February/March each year, Arteles Creative Center welcomes residents of various backgrounds—artistic, scientific, meditative, and more—to stay. This particular residency has a theme of Silence Awareness. However, there are many more residencies offered throughout the year, all based in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. There are fees associated with the program but some reduced rates are available.

Hakoniemi Residency

Located in North Karelia, Finland, this residency is an opportunity to commune with nature while creating work. It is available to artists, musicians, writers, and more, and specifically hopes to attract artists with deep interest in the natural environment. It is open to artists from around the world and it is free to apply to. Length ranges from one week to three months depending on the applicant’s plan.

La Tempéra - artistic & creative retreat in Burgundy

Set in the countryside of Burgundy, France is the residency La Tempéra. The program ranges from two weeks to six months and takes place on a beautiful property just two hours by train from Paris. Artists, writers, and other creative professionals from around the world are welcome; there are fees associated with the program.

Nocefresca Residency

This is a unique opportunity to stay in Sardinia Island, Italy, for a one to three-month residency. It is free to apply, but there are fees associated with housing. Artists working in any medium from around the world are encouraged to apply.

Casa na Ilha Residency

This is an opportunity for artists to stay on Ilhabela Island, Brazil, to devote time to their artwork. It is a self-directed residency but there is a tutor on the property 24/7 to discuss ideas. This residency is approached on a case-by-case basis, so there is no set itinerary or timeline. Artists can stay from two to four weeks; it is free to apply, but residency fees apply. Artists from around the world working in any medium are welcome to apply.

Mono Lisboa

For two months, artists from around the world working in any medium can stay in Lisbon, Portugal. Artists stay in a multi-cultural space in the city center. The residency can accommodate up to two people and emphasizes exchange with local cultural institutions. It is free to apply to; residency fees apply.

Blue Cactus Art Residency

Blue Cactus Art Residency is a retreat for artists working in a variety of disciplines that takes place in rural Spain, about 30 minutes via train to Barcelona. Artists can opt for a 2, 4, 8, or 12-week residency. It is a new residency that can host up to 3 artists at a time. Residents receive a private room and studio.

Virtual Residencies

2023 Inbreak Residency

This is a virtual residency that promotes the intersection of art, faith, and race in the United States. Although virtual, the residency focuses on collaboration and community-centered projects. U.S. nationals working in any artistic medium may apply. There are four spots available each year and the residency lasts for three months. Each resident receives $500.

The Glitch- Online Art Residency

Twice a year, Bonfire Air hosts six-week virtual residencies with 4–6 participants. Artists, researchers, curators, and writers are welcome to this collaborative experience. It emphasizes interaction and rich dialogue between cultural practitioners. It focuses on a theme, “the glitch,” but it is not necessary to have work that relates to this theme beforehand. It is free to apply and 300 Euros to participate. It is open to artists around the world.

Voice NFT Residency

This is a unique virtual residency that focuses on NFTs. Residents will transform a body of work into an NFT collection with the support of the residency. Anyone working in any visual media is welcome to apply. It is a newer residency with just two years under its belt.

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