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"Geisha" by Angela Swanson. An oil and cold wax artwork featuring a geisha—a fascinating subject that continues to captivate my artistic exploration. It is the allure of geisha culture that beckons me, with its rich traditions and profound beauty.


I find that my geisha pieces often convey a forlorn, melancholic expression, unintentionally hinting at a deeper commentary. Yet, it is important to recognize the remarkable role geishas play as artists, expressing their talents through poetry, art, dance, and the art of conversation.


This particular artwork, an 11" x 14" cradleboard masterpiece, invites you to delve into the layers of geisha culture, both enchanting and intricate. The geisha's elegant presence symbolizes the interplay of beauty, introspection, and the embodiment of refined art. It is a visual window into a world where grace and tradition converge.


I invite you to explore the alluring depths of this piece and gain a deeper appreciation for the fascinating world of geishas. By acquiring this artwork, you not only add a captivating masterpiece to your collection but also become a custodian of knowledge, preserving and celebrating the essence of geisha culture. 



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